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At the Law Office of T. Maxwell Smith, PLLC you will have the opportunity to see and meet attorneys as well as judicial staff and judges in the courtroom. 


At the Law Office of T. Maxwell Smith, PLLC you will have the opportunity to see a general solo practitioner's office up close. If you are thinking of hanging a shingle after school, consider interning with my office to get a look at the positives and negatives of being your own boss.


At my office, I handle cases that range from traffic citations to civil litigation and from divorce to estate planning. If you not sure what area of law you want to practice after you graduate, an internship at my office would be a good opportunity to see a wide range of legal issues. 


One thing that is stressed to law students from day one is the importance of networking in the legal community. This lesson is one that I have prioritized since becoming licensed. They say that its not always what you know, but who you know, and while that is sometimes true it really is about more than that. Effectively networking is a great way to become comfortable in some of the stressful environments that you will find yourself in during your legal practice.


I have found that it is easier to compose yourself in the courtroom when you have already met your opposing counsel, the judge, the bailiffs, and the court staff.  The courtroom is a public building, there is nothing stopping you from dropping in and meeting the people that work there. If you work at my office I will be sure to introduce you to as many people in the Tarrant County legal community as possible during the course of your internship.


Learning legal principles in school is important to build a foundation of legal knowledge but it takes experience and repetition to really understand something and the law is no exception. Experience is something that cannot be replaced and there is no time too early to start getting it. Interns at the law office of T. Maxwell Smith, PLLC, under close supervision, will be given the opportunity to draft "pre" responses to real world issues giving them an opportunity to exercise their critical thinking skills and to develop a better understanding of the work that attorneys do day-to-day in their practice.



Past Interns

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